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AN016 Conical Beaming Machine

Technical Features
 Type of Yarn  All kinds
 Operating Width of Drum  Max 3600 mm
 Drum Diameter           950 mm
 Operating Width of Beam  Max 2500 mm
 Operating Diameter of Beam  Max 1250 mm
 Brake Distance  1.5 - 6
 Operating Speed
 0-600 mt/min between drum and creel 0-120 mt/min
 Break Control of Yarn

 There is an automatic stopping system by Lamel Control

 Power  Engine of drum 7.5 Kw AC / Engine of beam 22 Kw AC
 Control  Operating with PLC
 Creel Part

 There are two doors / Bobbin Number in Depth 36 Bobbin Number As Height 8 / Total Bobbin Number 576

 Control of Tension
 With Rondela (40-60 gr for each wire)
 Optional  Number of Bobbin,automatic head adjustment,tension control system.

This machine is designed to meet warping needs of loom machine which has computer or without computer.